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COSWHEEL: Leading the Way in Best Electric Bikes with a Focus on Fat Tire Adult Electric Bikes

COSWHEEL: Leading the Way in Best Electric Bikes with a Focus on Fat Tire Adult Electric Bikes

COSWHEEL: Leading the Way in Best Electric Bikes with a Focus on Fat Tire Adult Electric Bikes

COSWHEEL, a company with a mission to design the best electric bikes, was founded in 2015. With an unwavering commitment to providing the ultimate riding experience, COSWHEEL has been manufacturing over 20,000 adult electric bikes each year. The goal is simple: to make cycling a joy accessible to more people. In its early days, COSWHEEL focused on small, foldable electric bikes, and over the years, they've developed various series, including the T3, T4, T5, and A-ONE. They later expanded their product range to include the S1 electric skateboard. However, since the introduction of the T20 fat tire electric bike in 2019, COSWHEEL has remained dedicated to designing and producing top-notch fat tire electric bikes, catering to both off-road enthusiasts and commuters.

The Allure of Fat Tire Electric Bikes

Fat tire electric bikes have gained immense popularity as a versatile mode of transportation. With the ability to handle off-road adventures and daily commutes with ease, these bikes offer a new way for people to get around. COSWHEEL recognized this trend early on and has become a prominent player in the world of adult fat tire electric bikes.

COSWHEEL's Best-Selling Models

COSWHEEL currently offers a range of fat tire electric bikes, with three standout models leading the pack: GT20, CT20, and T20. Let's take a closer look at each of these adult electric bikes:


The GT20 is a head-turner with a design that resembles a motorcycle. It's equipped with a powerful 1500W peak output brushless motor, providing exceptional speed and performance. What sets the GT20 apart is its impressive battery options, with choices of 720Wh, 960Wh, and 1200Wh for extended range. With this setup, the GT20 can achieve a maximum range of over 63 miles on a single charge. This bike is perfect for those who crave speed and long rides while enjoying the stability of fat tires.


The CT20 features an elongated frame that can accommodate up to three riders, making it an excellent choice for two adults and a child. Like the GT20, it boasts a powerful 1500W peak output brushless motor and offers battery options of 720Wh, 960Wh, and 1200Wh. With its high-capacity battery, the CT20 can also cover a remarkable distance of over 63 miles on a single charge. Whether you're a family looking for a fun ride together or simply need extra carrying capacity, the CT20 delivers.


The T20 stands out not only for its performance but also for its design, which has earned it the prestigious Red Dot Award from Germany. It's powered by a robust 750W peak output brushless motor and offers battery options of 480Wh, 720Wh, and 960Wh. Even with its slightly lower peak output compared to the GT20 and CT20, the T20 delivers a respectable maximum range of over 50 miles on a single charge. It's a stylish and efficient choice for those looking for a versatile fat tire electric bike.


COSWHEEL, a company founded with a vision to create the best electric bikes, has made significant strides in the industry since its establishment in 2015. With a primary focus on fat tire electric bikes, they've designed and manufactured models like the GT20, CT20, and T20, each catering to different needs and preferences of adult riders. These bikes not only offer a thrilling riding experience but also provide the practicality needed for daily commutes and family adventures. As COSWHEEL continues to evolve, their commitment to quality and innovation in the world of adult electric bikes remains unwavering, ensuring that more people can experience the joy of cycling.