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Dream Beginning

In 2006, five young people gathered in Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, one of China's art hall universities, and they were studying hard with the aim of designing the best industrial products in China. Every weekend, they will meet to experience China's great rivers and mountains by bicycle. Because of their passion for environmental protection and cycling, they set their sights on the bicycle field and determined to design a distinctive ebike.


Get Start-up Capital

In 2013, as a leader, peng won the first prize in an industrial design competition in China, and the start-up capital for their business came from this. Then they got together to discuss how to design a bicycle that allows everyone to enjoy a different trip experience. At this time, the Chinese government was actively promoting the concept of green travel, and they began to pay attention to ebikes.


COSWHEEL Established

In 2015, Coswheel Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established, with the aim of "making your trip different", they are determined to continuously design new and distinctive ebikes for customers.


Lightweight Folding A-one Ebike

In 2016, the A-one ebike was launched, and its cool appearance won the Red Dot Award. It can be folded, easy to carry, has a 350W motor, front and rear shock absorbers, and is a good tool for personal short-distance travel.


Off-Road Commuter T20 Ebike

In 2019, the T20 ebike was launched. Its cool appearance won the Red Dot Award. It has a peak horsepower of 750W, a battery life of 960Wh, a maximum speed of 28MPH (45KM/H), front and rear shock absorbers, and can be used for commuting and off-roading.


26" Off-road T26 Ebike

In 2020, the T26 ebike wsa launched, with 26" fat tires, a peak horsepower of 1500W, a 25AH battery, and a torque of 80N.m, allowing you to experience the joy of off-roading.


Family Travel CT20 Ebike

In 2021, the CT20 ebike was launched, with a length of nearly 180cm, a peak horsepower of 1500W, a large battery life of 1200Wh, and 5" fat tires, which are very suitable for family travel.


Motorcycle Ebike GT20

In 2022, the GT20 ebike was launched. It has the appearance of a motorcycle, with a peak horsepower of 1500W, front and rear shock absorbers, and front and rear motorcycle-level oil brakes, allowing you to enjoy a different journey.


Performance Beast CT20S Ebike

In 2023, the CT20S ebike was launched, an upgraded version of the CT20. The motor power was upgraded from peak 1500W to peak 2000W, and the rear suspension was upgraded from none to a variable damping shock absorber. There are more powerful functions waiting for you to consult.

The story is still going on, please stay tuned......