About Us

Coswheel is a professional company and developer of electric scooter and electric bike established in 2015. Coswheel’s factory enjoy a good production operation and convenient traffic conditions.



Coswheel involves in the field of new energy vehicles from electric scooters to electric bikes keeps independent design research and development as the central task. All was focuses on well-designed transportation products and practical applications at present. Coswheel has two different electric vehicles’ product lines, one is electric scooters it contains different kinds from portable to powerful from big size to many types, always focus on the needs of customers. The other is electric bikes from 12 inches (30.48 cm) wheel to 26 inches (66.04 cm) wheel. From city ride to all terrain ride, from modern design to classic design, satisfies the demands from different countries. Coswheel products are competitive in design and user experience and user experience quality control as an important and essential part of company, it’s regarded as the life of Coswheel. Currently, we export to over 50 countries and regions, especially North America, Europe, Japan, Korea, and South America. The products won the respect and favor from local people, growing with customers always is the main value of Coswheel.



Create the most crazy & cool electric bike for users. Do our best to create the best electric bike to save the earth.

At present, Coswheel has different series of products, including electric mountain bike, electric bikes, and so on, most of which are competitive in design and user experience.